The first product designed and built by Anjo Hardness Testers is an alternative for the Propriety Base-Stands that have been employed in Portable Brinell (hydraulic) testing for more than 50 years.

The Brinell-Buddy is made from high-tensile Swedish steel and will accept the two most readily available Hydraulic test heads in South Africa, namely KING or BRINELLA heads.

The innovative design of the Brinell-Buddy Stand, with an integrated Jack Screw and adjustable toothed carriage-locking mechanism, has broadened the options available for Portable Brinell testing.

The Brinell-Buddy Stand is particularly well suited to effortless, repetitive testing of many, same-size samples, or when more than one test is required per sample, or when only one specific item is routinely tested for hardness, as well as general testing of most readily accessible samples and components. This is made possible by the inclusion of a Jack Screw in the base of the stand, along with the pre-set feature of the toothed carriage.

The Jack Screw feature eliminates the relatively tedious cranking operation that is required to clamp or remove the sample before and after each test. This is especially significant when testing many same–sized components, or performing any number of tests on the same sample, or where only one specific component is routinely tested. Once the carriage is adjusted to accommodate the height of the sample, and locked in place, many samples of that size can be clamped into and removed from the portable tester simply by turning the Jack Screw up or down, much like a bench mounted or floor standing tester.

The constant cranking up and down of the carriage on the propriety base stands is the prime cause of wear of the gears in the carriage sub assembly, and also the threaded posts of the stand. This wear results in making the cranking operation progressively more difficult over time, and operators of these portable Brinell testers will agree that it is almost impossible to crank an excessively worn stand, especially when applying it to difficult to access test points.

The hardened 2mm pitch thread of the replaceable Jack Screw incorporated into the Brinell-Buddy stand makes this clamp and release operation easy and quick, while taking the strain out of returning the ram into the hydraulic block before every test.
It is worth noting that failure to return the ram all the way back into the hydraulic block before each test, is a major cause of air ingestion into the hydraulic system over a short period of time, rendering the test head unfit for further use. This fault will require having the head serviced, the air bled out, refilled with fresh oil and recalibrated, if required. This is unwanted down time and expense that could be avoided.

You now have a choice;

The Brinell-Buddy Stand will save you time and money, boost productivity in many cases, and reduce operator stress, all at a fraction of the price of propriety stands. Your in-service KING or Brinella test heads are readily accommodated into the Brinell-Buddy stand.

It’s that simple.