More Than Just A Portable!

Kompakt Brinell Hardness TesterThe ANJO Hardness Testers designed and manufactured KOMPAKT Brinell Hardness Tester is a Portable Hydraulic Brinell tester unit that is useful for performing 10/3000 Brinell hardness tests on suitably accessible large and heavy components that cannot be brought to a tester, and is especially well suited to testing high volumes of same sized, smaller components on the production line, with an ease, and speed not possible with traditional portable hydraulic testers.

The novel “Tip-and Lock” carriage height adjustment simply requires tipping the carriage forward, set to the desired height, tip back and lock into position.

Thanks to the “Tip-and-Lock” carriage height adjustment innovation and the mini Jack-screw incorporated into the KOMPAKT Brinell, along with the finely calibrated Enerpac Hydraulics, the KOMPAKT Brinell is a welcome addition to the portable hydraulic Brinell testing arena.

The KOMPAKT Brinell easily meets the loading specification for Brinell hardness testing equipment (better than 0.5% accuracy) and is extremely useful when employed as a fast and easy to use table-top tester.

The KOMPAKT Brinell’s mini Jack-screw completely eliminates the strenuous cranking operation that has traditionally been required to clamp the sample before testing and to release the sample after testing.

The KOMPAKT Brinell employs a large oil reservoir that does not suffer from the issues associated with the much smaller oil reservoir of the traditional hydraulic test heads. The World Renowned Enerpac Hydraulic system incorporated into the KOMPAKT Brinell, offers highly repeatable and accurate Brinell hardness results, without the proclivity for air ingestion and consequent down-time and recalibration that is common to the traditional portable hydraulic equipment.

Another feature of the KOMPAKT Brinell is the self-returning ram. This completely eliminates the often forgotten, yet mandatory task of forcing the ram back into the test head before every test when using the traditional portable hydraulic hardness testing equipment. Furthermore, the self retracting ram of the KOMPAKT does not require the component to be clamped at all when it’s used as a table-top tester. A small gap of a few millimeters between the penetrator and the sample to be tested will allow many similar sized samples to be placed into the tester before they are tested, and removed from the tester after they are tested without any cranking or winding required. The self-returning ram will quickly reach the sample surface and apply the calibrated 3000Kg load, thanks to the two-stage pump. This results in greatly increased productivity with far less effort.

On top of all the above benefits, the KOMPAKT Brinell hardness tester is very competitively priced.

KOMPAKT Brinell Hardness Tester Specification

(Subject to change without prior notice)

Max sample height:  295mm with flat anvil
Throat depth:  110mm
Carriage adjust increments:  30mm
Jack Screw travel: 31mm
Penetrator stroke:  up to 26mm max
Anvils:  1 x flat anvil & 1 x V-anvil
Weight:  18.2 Kg (excl. hydraulic pump)
Optional: Cordless electric hydraulic pump
Certification:  Direct and Indirect certification to International standards