EXP5500 prtable hardness testerEXP5500 is a small, light and portable tester. It is most suitable for testing of heavy, big or outdoor metal parts. It can measure in any direction and also easy to be used and accurate on curved test surfaces. Especially, it can automatically compensate effect of weight which according to the test direction.


EXP5500 uses wireless to communicate with printer, operates with touch screen and test data could be linked into PC.

EXP5500 Conforms to the Standard ASTM A956 & DIN 50156 (in preparation)






  HL display range   170~960HLD
  Repeatability   6HLD
  Testing direction   All direction
  Optional Impact Device   D, DC, DL, D+15, C, G (automatic identification)
  Display   3.9” 240*320(touch screen), Bright and clear LCD display with
    back light
  Multi-language menu   English, Korean, Deutsch, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian,
    Polish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
  Power   3.7V (rechargeable li-ion battery)
  Charging power supply   DC5.5V/1A
  Printer   Wireless Mini-printer (Cable no needed)
  Communication   RS232 to PC for transfer data
  Operating environment   Temperature :-20°C~+50°C; Humidity:20%~85%
  Storage environment   Temperature :-30°C~+70°C; Humidity:5%~95%
  Dimensions   135mm*83mm*24mm
  Weight   350g (include D type impact device)
      Display Unit, Impact Device D, Test Block, Mini-printer, Charger,
  Accessories   Little Support Ring, Cleaning Brush, USB Cable, PC Software
  Certificate   CE
  Options   Impact Device DC; DL; D+15; C; G