Suppliers of Brinell, Rockwell, Leeb and Vickers hardness testers.

Design and manufacture of Brinell hardness testers.

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Andre Jooste, the founder of Anjo Hardness Testers has 25 years experience in the maintenance, calibration and certification of the wide variety of hardness testing equipment available to South African Industry.

He was the first ISO 17025 accredited Technical Signatory for Hardness in South Africa. This includes metal and rubber testing methods.

Andre pioneered hardness testing Training courses in South Africa, focusing on correct test method definition and application, along with operator training for any hardness testing machine and/or test method to meet the customer’s specific requirements. These training courses are all based on the relevant ISO specifications for Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell test methods, and others as required.

Andre has redesigned faulty components found in a few European manufactured hardness testers, and after these components were remanufactured to his specification by the factories, he fitted them to the respective machines, which then worked satisfactorily.

Andre has been instrumental in effectively resolving hardness testing-result disputes between South African Manufactures and their overseas customers, as well as numerous such disputes within local Industry.

The bulk of Andre’s expertise was gained while employed as a Service Technician at RWK Agencies, owned by the late Mr. Robert Kading.

Andre’s extensive hands-on experience and his passion for excellence in Hardness testing, is the foundation upon which Anjo Hardness Testers is built.